February 20th 2021  10am 

​Project:  1. Read the story intro below and write a story about how this cute little town got it's name. Picture yourself living in the cottage. It could be with your family or when you are grown up.  You can pronounce the name "Corsage Crossing" any way you want, or change the name. Let us know why the name is so important to the town.  2. Find a big piece of (any color) paper and draw a picture or create a design about your town. (see intro paragraph below) 

Couza's Creativity 

January 23, 2021   10am

Project: Ask a parent about a funny story when you were really young. Record it on the little booklet I sent to you. Don't forget to draw a picture.  

Tyler age 3/6: "Apple Watch" I was eating an apple, I put a piece on my wrist and said look at my apple watch! 

Siena age 3/7: "Oreo's" I asked my Grandma for an Oreo Cookie, but I pronounced it Oileo she thought I was asking for some oil, and asked what scent I wanted to smell. 

Brantley age 1/1: "Syrup in my hair" Accompanied by a beautiful picture with stickers. 

Allegra age 3 /10: "Reflections" I was with my family and we were about to walk into a store to buy lunch. I started screaming. My mom asked me what was wrong. I pointed at the glass door. She said "honey that is your reflection."

Chiara age 3/12:  "The fight over Butter" I was out to breakfast with my Mom, Grandpa and Noni. I wanted the butter, but my Mom said no. I started to cry and scream. Noni said to give her the butter, my mom handed me the butter, but wasn't happy about giving in. I was finished breakfast happily eating my butter. 

Living in a tiny cottage atop a small knoll I began to wonder, what if I told stories about my adventure here at Corsage Crossings?  It would be impossible to find a better place to live. Just the other day the entire township gathered for a reenactment of Corsage Crossings, and how it was named. It is quite an enchanting story.

Brantley 1:  Brantley colored in a beautiful picture of the town her mom drew. She told a story about a cute town that was named for the beautiful corsage's made from the fragrant sage that grew in town.  

Siena 7: 

Tyler 7:

Allegra 10: 

Chiara 12:


April 17, 2021 

Talk more about your chosen profession and what a day would look like.  

Draw a picture of you in your profession. 

Brantley 1: 

Siena 7: 

Tyler 7: 

Allegra 10: 

​Chiara 12: 

March 20, 2021

What are you going to be when you grow up and why? 

Here are a few idea's let your imagination inspire you!

Dancer, Actor, Lawyer, Doctor, Dentist, Musician, Teacher, Scientist, Astronaut, Cowboy or Cowgirl, Dog Trainer, Librarian, Writer, Firefighter, Police Officer, Veterinarian, Pilot,  Own your own business? What would it be? 

Brantley 1:  Firefighter, she loves playing with the water hose

Siena 7: 

Tyler 7: Astronaut, going to the international space station, maybe Jupiter.

Allegra 11:  A dentist or orthodontist. 

Chiara 12: