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​​The following is for your information. Much of it has been taken from the actual Buyers Advisory. For our purposes it has been condensed or pieces have been clipped as highlights. The many documents the buyers could be provided is overwhelming. For this purpose this page was built.

   Of the approx. 50 documents available we will cover only a few.  I refer you to

for a look a the actual document.

We will begin with the Buyers advisory as it is one of the first documents you should receive from your agent. You should have it in hand prior to looking at your first home.

(Items in bold are from the Advisory)

Included in this Advisory are:  
1.  Common documents a buyer should review;  

2.  Physical conditions in the property the buyer should investigate; and

3.  Conditions affecting the surrounding area that the buyer should investigate.

There are 50 documents for buyers. You won't run across all of them. The deciding factor is the type of property you are purchasing i.e. residential, land, HOA etc.

Let's look at a few of them.

A. Purchase Contract: Obviously an important document, and one you need to  understand. The agent will guide you through it, but if don't understand, always ask!   (copy and paste into your browser)

(AAR Sample Residential Resale Purchase Contract)

We will go over the purchase contract in detail after we complete the buyers advisory.

B. MLS Printout

A listing is a contractual agreement between the seller and the listing broker (not the agent). The seller may authorize the broker to submit information to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS printout is similar to an advertisement. Neither the listing agreement nor the printout is a part of the purchase contract between the buyer and seller.

Did you notice: Neither the listing agreement nor the printout is a part of the purchase contract? The MLS sheet, the agent will most likely give you, is to be looked at as an advertisement. Always verify anything in it that is important to you i.e. sq footage, items to be included etc.

C. To be continued